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About us

A women that fell in love with Jesus and have passion with the leather crafting. shared my vision to my husband and we are on this path right now!
M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E is not your ordinary store you go to though every shop and every person has a story, We still think that this Business is a blessing and to bless others.
M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E My prayers have been answered almost 2 years ago when i asked God for a business that i know i make with my own hands. I used to have a small clothing boutique are not made by me nor my husband. But when the Lord answered my prayers He gave me the name M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E for I am the maker and He is maker and thirtyfive came from Exodus 35:35
He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers.-I believe that all of these works came from God. and i am giving back all the credit and the Glory!

M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E ' s VISION is For people to have a long lasting leather that they can pass generation to generation- since it's it's leather it will last a very long time. Our purpose is for people to write whatever good or bad happy or sad, How they overcome the situation. and since life is like a rollercoaster, sometimes your are on top and sometimes you're at the bottom, just to encourage them to flip the page back or pull the notebook once they used and ready how they got through those moments and get the courage and strength that everything will be alright.

M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E currently giving to Kingdom Builders through River Valley
We just felt the calling of giving and to bless others because He blessed us first.

although M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E is not a NONPROFIT we just get a little bit as a profit, just enough to help my family (family of seven with 3 dogs).

M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E is all handcrafted at the moment.
From cutting the leathers, dyeing, hand stitching, tooling, stamping, burnishing. All 100% Handmade (We can feel the pain in our hands) but We are grateful and thankful to those who support us.

There you go, there is more than what you've read but for now, i am so excited for you!