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Royal Ladies

A very sophisticated and chic style. Pebble ultra soft soft, flexible but not super floppy and durable.


• Designer Leather, soft, a look of elegance. 
• Limited stock
• Rounded corners, burnished and sealed edges

This  designer leather one of a kind
Just a lovely reminder this is 100% handcrafted, handmade, though we pursue and we are giving you the best quality that we can make, perfection is not an option when you buy handmade. but we assure you that you will love your M A K E R T H I R T Y F I V E Journals.

All 100% proceeds will go to Wryanne, Xzarrina and Jzermene 

Fine Arts nationals. Thank you so much for your support.



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 All sales are final from this event.

please don't hesitate to send me a message before purchasing or if you have any other questions.