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Mystery Kit 2017 sale!

MAKERTHIRTYFIVE's Mystery kit 2017 SALE! 
YAY!!! Set your ALARM 5:30 PM Central standard time! Today! Dec 19th 2017! 
As you know every year we do our very own snag box. It's our pay-it-forward and a way of saying thank you for supporting us this year! But you know that snag boxes usually comes with pocket sizes only... That's why we have decided to do a last minute change and decided that the mystery box will include all four sizes! Isn't that amazing?! Couple reminders! 
The Mystery kit comes in 4 different categories:
Mystery kit pocket, personal, B6 and A5! 
Each package comes in a different style, you may get our basics without pockets or our premium with pockets! 
The mystery comes with:
Travelers Journal
handmade and hand cut blank inserts! 
Washi tape
And a stash of goodies!
Each package varies designs and colors.
Be mindful that some goodies are from our own personal stash... It's from the Makerthirtyfive stash from a different store, company or a different source. Leathers are handcrafted by us! 
The price may vary, but it's on sale! 
It's like buying our TN cover in a huge sale discount with a handful of free goodies! again for FREE! 
These kits are great for starters, people who love to collect different planner supplies, etc! It's a pay-it-forward type of sale that only happens once a year! Make sure you grab one for yourself and for a friend to gift for this season!

What's the catch?! you won't be able to pick which color of TRAVEL JOURNAL that's is why its mystery sale! and not only that! we are going to include one Gift certificate coupon inside! one happy person will receive this certificate!


Important message:after we receive all the orders we will be printing shipping label, and you will receive some notification, so be sure to check your email. We often post in our instastories on our instagram be sure you are following us for updates!

There will be no return or exchange for this event, since its on sale! 

be mindful our makerthirtyfive products are all 100% handmade, handstitched with love!

some of the leather will show some marks from brandings, stretch marks and etc, some of our leathers are smooth and some of them are textured! but we assure you that you will love this mystery kit!

If there's any other question, please don't hesitate to email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Thank you!