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Fundraising sale for fine arts students

Our wonderful kids are raising funds to go to fine arts nationals in cali. But they need to secure the spot by next week.. we would love your prayers and support! 
Wryanne Franze Vanornum passed the audition for photography
Xzarrina is leading worship fine arts large band. Representing River Valley Church Shakopee campus. 
Jzermene Czyrille Vanornum on vocals with xzarrina worship large band representing River Valley church shakopee campus.
We are offering 50 to 25% off of these handmade leather journals for this fundraising.
Some are from our past collection and some of them are haven't released yet!
So grab yours! This is your opportunity! 
On top of that we are including 4 blank inserts in some of them!
Shipping will be after the sale are closed and finalized, we will gather all of them and we will shipping them. 
These items are already made- ready ship!
If you would like to see the video of the fine arts students, we will post the video on 
Thank you guys in advance for your support and prayers.